Video Shampoo is an independent video agency. 

Our focus is to meaningfully connect viewers to our clients. Expertise in video creation and publishing strategy is what helps drive our results.


We design videos as products. 

Creatively functional, with broad applications to reach audiences.

A Real Approach  

The new lifestyle video aims to be vicariously fun. A custom-branded, cinema-vérité filming approach. Creating a new level of trust with audiences.

Client: Visit Tampa Bay

Your True Self

We were hired to help reinvent an iconic Florida beach town with a brand identity crisis. After three days of production we found one thing to reinvent, but a million things to rediscover. 

Client: Daytona Beach/Paradise

Life in Motion

How to showcase an exploding craft brewery scene and share it with the world? Experience it for yourself and record every minute on video. Then edit it down to a 3 minute video that's fun to watch. 

Queue The Talent

Using modern video production technologies and approaches we are able to do more with less. Talent, location, cameras, and creativity come together like magic. 

Infotainment, Brandified

Travel is about exploration; to witness cultures, or the all-you-can-eat buffet. Branded content is about real value; giving to audiences something they can take with them. The results can be life changing. 

We make videos to make connections.

We see creativity as a tool to connect with viewers. Most of our time goes into designing unique video formats and styles. The goal is to create value for audiences and make our clients stand out.

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