Customer Testimonial Videos

Here are examples of testimonials, varying in budget and scope, produced by Video Shampoo. The two clients featured are Updegraff Vision and Presidential Pools.


Updegraff Vision

Updegraff Vision needed to produce a series of four testimonial videos quickly and simply to help potential patients better understand the procedure and the positive outcomes.

Simple Patient Testimonial (2:09)
2 Cameras, Backdrop, Music, Simple Graphics

A total of three patient interviews were filmed like this example, with a mobile white backdrop, over several hours on a Saturday. The interviews were edited with music and simple graphics.

Patient Experience Testimonial (3:29)
1-2 Cameras, On-Location, Music, Simple Graphics

This fourth video was a "mini-documentary" testimonial that followed the experience of a patient through the entire LASIK procedure. It was filmed over three separate days: a pre-op interview, the day of the procedure, and the post-op interview. 


Presidential Pools and Spas

Presidential Pools needed a series of high-quality testimonials to help them stand out among their competition. The videos needed to convey the pillars of the company itself: integrity, craftsmanship, and fun.  

Customer Testimonial with B-Roll (1:11)
2 Cameras, On-Location, B-Roll, Music, Simple Graphics

These are more elaborate productions that feature extensive b-roll and multiple interviews complied into a single video. The interviews and b-roll were filmed in three hour increments with each customer, over several days, and edited into multiple videos.

Hybrid Testimonial (:30)
2 Cameras, Backdrop/On-Location, B-Roll, Music, Simple Graphics

Short, sweet, but powerful, this video breaks the mold of the traditional testimonial by featuring customers, but also a company executive. The idea being you can't just say it, you must show it. 


We hope you enjoyed watching and are full of inspiration and excitement to produce your own testimonial videos!

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