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Take your gear where no gear has gone before, with Gator.

Gator is a lifestyle.


The Gator Lifestyle Video


The alligator is an ancient symbol of power, security, and efficiency. 

The Gator brand embodies those qualities today, designing apex products that help create new realities.

Imagine a world where your desktop could leave your desktop. With Gator's iMac Case, you can. 

Photographers, designers, and professionals that use Apple iMac computers and need mobility. They want quality and protection at an affordable price. 

They want to be convinced that iMac mobility can be safe, affordable, and convenient.

The Script

The Animatic

The Delivery

In this video example, the showcase is squarely on how the product creates a lifestyle that is new and exciting.

Traditional lifestyle videos show how the product fits into the lifestyle.

The Gator lifestyle video will show how the product creates the lifestyle.

In our universe, everything revolves around the Gator, that means the focus will be on the Gator iMac case and it's features.

We show how Gator's iMac case is a high-quality, functional, and efficient game changer for the on-the-go iMac user.

Like the ancient alligator, the qualities of Gator remain the same, while the world changes around it.

In this video example, the showcase is on the product, which is linen bed coverings, and the lifestyle "characters" are in the background. 

One Location, Many Lifestyles

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The Station House
260 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

The Station House has many locations for different set-ups, and lots of natural light. 

Project Estimates

Budget: $3,500
Pre-production: 1 week
Production: 1 Day
Post-Production: 2 weeks
:60 Seconds in Length
:15 Social Media Edit



Who to Contact

Brook & Charlie

Nicole Procunier, Gator Cases
Art Director